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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

cherries on top

the lovely julie of julieshops sent me her 8 petals from the frolic into fall teleclass in september. i had to share it! she had a petal for each of the 8 topics and one of the 8 ended up turning into its own flower. absolutely beautiful! merci, julie.

sitting down with a magazine, intention, scissors, and a glue stick can do wonders for one's soul. as we begin to move into holiday season (yay halloween!), it may feel as though life is speeding up. however, this is also our last 2.5 months of 2010. taking some time to bring the year to life in visual form can be very therapeutic. try it, you may like it!

to close out a year of healing and recovery (boo shoulder and thumb), i'll be praying in india and indulging in a weekend of reflection with sarah susanka at kripalu. just what the doctor ordered. how will you be putting the cherry on top of 2010?


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moi said...

India - and I'm thrilled to be going, too! Picked up my visa today : )

Dawn said...

I love collage, and am excited to try this type of collage with intention. Thank you for sharing!

kimberly wilson said...

moi, SO excited about our adventure!

aurora, yay for collage. it's a fun play date and sure to spark inspiration. xx