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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tranquility du Jour TV: Tranquili*Tea

savor my beloved selection of tranquili*tea chez moi. sip your rose tea from paris today! life is not a dress rehearsal. why wait to enjoy special things?

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Shizuka said...

Love the idea of "vision board on the fridge".
That's the perfect place for mine! Thanks for sharing.

Vintage Butterfly said...

I have many packages of tea also, glad to see I am not the only one with whole designated places for it...;)

Love the Vision board, so chic!

Thank you for your lovely inspiration. ;)

Melita said...

i do love me some tea! thanks for letting us snoop through your tea selection ;) hugs!!

Robyn Thompson said...

i love tea, too, kimberly! whole rose tea is so divine...

remember those earl grey cupcakes? i made them last night with lavender-chamomile tea!

i noticed you also had the 1842 the-o-dor tea on your shelf... i adore that company... we have one little tea shop here in vancouver that sells their teas, so lovely (they also fly in macarons from paris!)