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Monday, October 11, 2010

monday musings: a night of sparkles, bubbly + celebration

last night's wedding of a beloved tranquil space teacher was one to remember. i was in awe with all the sparkles - from chandeliers to place settings to lucite chairs. the wedding was at the national cathedral and the reception at a private home.

they placed big band tunes (my fave) and we danced with the likes of barbara walters and maureen dowd. *that* doesn't happen everyday! the evening finale included soul funk band see i. we dashed out around 1am as i turn into a pumpkin past midnight.

watching a long-time friend full of bliss donning a fairytale gown and mingling off the mat with fellow teachers (while sipping bubbly) was an absolute delight!

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Vintage Butterfly said...

Looks fabulous, love all the sparkles. :)