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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

signature style: welcoming fall with sparkle

Dreams come true;
without that possibility,
nature would not incite us to have them.
(John Updike)

kaileenelise is a yogini, artist & creative entrepreneur - living, loving and learning in raleligh, nc. follow her on twitter & visit her blog for musings on making every day an extraordinary adventure.

hello tranquilistas!
it's so lovely of you to check in for a new dose of tranquility. as you might know, i'm here on the 2nd wednesday of each month to share ideas & inspiration.

signature style is the complete expression of your creativity. from the way you style your hair to the way you write out to-do lists. we each express our signature style in a variety of ways.

last month's post focused on creative spaces, and today's features a timely topic - welcoming fall with sparkle.

a time of change
fall is a season of transition. we move from summer vacations and sweltering heat, to winter holiday celebrations and brisk temperatures. i find that fall is a great time for reflection and relaxation.

take yourself for a mani/pedi, or sign up for a restorative yoga class. schedule an artist date and give yourself the time to play.

bring your favorite fall looks back to the front of your closet. break out your boots, turtlenecks and tights. the leaves are falling and starbucks carries pumpkin spice lattes once again!

enjoy a new ritual
this fall, i've made an extra effort to clear out clutter. just like a refreshing spring cleaning, an autumn overhaul is a great way to make space for exciting new adventures on the horizon. sort through your belongings and set aside gently used items for donation.

sometimes it's challenging to part ways with clothing or household accents like picture frames, but i always say that "when in doubt, go without." more times that not, you will feel better knowing that your previously unappreciated belongings have found loving homes.

setting intentions
fall can sometimes feel like the last gasp before the holiday season. setting intentions for the remainder of the year can help alleviate some of that anxiety and pressure. plan out your holiday gifts now, start crafting and saving for big ticket items. plan your travel plans ahead of time and find joy in getting ahead of schedule.

the fall season is a delightful time for reflection, self-care and cozy blankets. how have you welcomed autumn with sparkle? feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

image credit: via Per Ola Wiberg

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Angelique said...

Great post...lots of people find inspiration for new starts in spring, but fall is my favorite season. (Those pumpkin spice lattes, hello!)
I feel inspired to try to give up my smoking habit and get back into more self-care. I've been neglecting myself far too much lately. Thanks for the post!

Kaileen Elise said...

good luck on your fall resolutions!! xo, kaileen