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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

signature style: creative spaces

what art offers is space - a certain breathing room for the spirit.
(john updike)

kaileenelise is a yogini, artist & creative entrepreneur - living, loving and learning in raleligh, nc. follow her on twitter & visit her blog for musings on making every day an extraordinary adventure.

hello gorgeous tranquilistas!
thanks for stopping by for another dose of tranquility. in case we haven't met, i'm here on the 2nd wednesday of each month to share ideas & inspiration on signature style. last month's post focused on time & money. this month features a topic i simply adore, creative spaces.

no matter where we go, we're impacted by the spaces we inhabit.
i shop at target and whole foods because both companies focus on atmosphere. their background music, clean ambiance and speciality products make shopping for household goods and groceries an enjoyable experience. other stores that focus on discount prices and bulk items make me feel hurried, crowded and unnecessarily overwhelmed.

i'm an apple customer for life and i will always feel at home in a starbucks. atmosphere matters, plain and simple.

clean up your act. work from the top down.
it's been my experience that the lovely retailers listed above, along with others like anthropologie and jcrew, focus on design. their displays are clever and creative. we can take a clue from their corporate strategy and apply it to our daily lives.

a clean home or desk at work sends subtle messages to our brains that things are in order. it's easier to tackle creative projects with a calm & clear mind. the same is true for the spaces around us. when I'm setting out to accomplish something at home or in the office, i try to clear off my workspace, focus on my intentions, and get down to business.

our environments at work influence us on a daily basis.
these days, i'm fortunate enough to work in a well-styled office with modern cubicles and nice comfy chairs. the same cannot be said of my last workplace, where I spent 2.5 years feeling like i was on the set of animal house!

in both settings, i had no control over the office furniture or music playing in the background. i did, however, get to decide how i infused my personal style in my immediate surroundingsthe pictures up in my cubicle, the calendar hanging up next to me, the desktop wallpaper I stare at when I'm deep in thought.

invite your muse out to play by designing spaces at home that encourage creativity.
browse apartment therapy for inspiration. decorative details like fresh flowers and twinkling lights can transform a plain space into a creative wonderland in a blink of an eye. browse etsy for prints that speak to you.

place bulletin boards filled with inspiring images in high traffic areas. light candles when you walk in the door for aromatherapy & mood lighting. put fresh fruit out in a pretty glass bowl. hang framed photographs of loved ones on a feature wall.

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Lizzie said...

Ohh EMMM GEEE.. i love this office.. i am going to try to mimic this at home.. so purdy! and very inspiratonal!