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Monday, September 13, 2010

question from formspring

Q: This has been an overindulgent summer for me, and I've put on about 5 pounds, which is very upsetting. You always stay so slim - any tips on getting back to my usual self, in a healthy way?

A: oh my, did you see today's photo on tranquility du jour? i've put on about 5-10 lbs thanks to my injuries and lack of self-control. hello cupcakes!

i'm sure other readers can chime in with tons of advice on what's worked for them. BIG thing for me is slowing down on desserts (i could live on them and always eat them first) and increasing exercise. finding that ratio for yourself is key. we're all different, have different bodies and various needs.

hope this helps. i. have. a. cupcake. problem. and am back to daily exercise. xx Ask me anything

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Britt Bravo said...

You also might want to check out the book Women Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything by Geneen Roth.

She has some interesting ideas and insights about women, food and weight. I just started it this weekend and can't put it down.

Unknown said...

Bite-sized changes = progress! And it's often about what goes IN to your diet, rather than what comes out. That leaves less room--& desire--for the "other" stuff. (But as Kimberly will attest, there's always room for a cupcake!) :)

I'm a registered dietitian & licensed nutritionist (& a long-time reader of Tranquility du Jour)--check out for a fresh take on nutrition & a green lifestyle. It's your guide to making those small changes.