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Monday, August 09, 2010

yee-haw from texas . . . if i ruled the world

hello from a starbucks in austin. being away from the computer for 3 days led to oodles of backlog, but thank goodness my new beloved iphone kept me in the loop! j'adore my iphone.

above are photos from yesterday's adventure in san antonio including 2 book events topped with meeting a few beloved TranquiliT shoppers (note sally in lower left photo donning sky pieces) and tranquilista fans.

here is the clip from friday's tv interview where we chatted about all things tranquil.

beau and i spent the weekend with my aunt and uncle in hill country sipping vino, sitting in the creek, checking in constantly on sir louis at camp parents, and answering oodles of emails back hOMe. in addition we got to spend time with a dear family who i've known since birth - my mum's best friend from grade school. always nice to have people in your life who have known you for so long. they brought photos of my donning cole haan shoes, kakhi skirt, chambray shirt, huge blond perm, and overly tall bangs. those *were* the days. thank gawd they are gone!

have been pondering a fun blog post titled "if i ruled the world." here are a few ideas for it:

- the smell of lavender would be everywhere
- there would be no obesity (BIG problem here in texas) or ill health
- cows, pigs, chicken, turkeys, duck, turtles - everything would roam free
- neighbors would know each other
- we would all practice non-violent communication
- there would be no poverty
- political parties would have compassion for each others' views
- we would spend at least as much time exercising as watching tv
- women's studies and social work would be required classes in university
- so would traveling/studying abroad
- education would be required and free (not sure who pays for it but hey, i'm dreaming BIG)
- there would be no animal abuse of any kind
- eco-fashion would be the norm
- fast food would be organic, fresh, and local
- soda fountains would distribute fair trade teas, not coke
- women would hold numerous positions of power - as many, if not more, than men
- mid-day naps would be a must in law firms, corporations, non-profits, schools and more!

ok, a few far-fetched ideas, but they felt good writing. what if *you* ruled the world?

off to austin book signing!

kimberly (wants to change the world)

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Lizzie said...

It was so great to meet you tonight! you are more fabulous than i thought you'd be.. enjoy the rest of the tour!

Rachel said...

Idealism rules! Great list :)

Vintage Butterfly said...

I love the list...I would also like to add community gardens, plastic bag bans, helping endangered animals, making it so that everyone gets to start life with the same "starter package" (ie...set amount of money, medical, choice of college) for after they turn 18. :)

Just figured I would add a few to the dream. :)

imyurpal said...

I love, love your list. Imagine, how wonderful it truly would be. I love the animals running free - that would bring so much joy to so many of us. I wish I could take a nap now, but I am working so I think that would be out of the question. Enjoy your tour!