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Monday, August 02, 2010

where, oh where, will i be this month?

so, my grand plan was to take sOMe time off in august to relax and renew since it is my only big chunk of time off of school for 4 years. alas, oodles of opportunities arose and before i knew it, the month was full. oops. looks like there may be a couple down days in august.

here's the skinny:

august 1 TT fall photo shoot
august 2 open TSA, leave for oklahoma
august 3-4 drive to oklahoma + drop louis at "camp" (aka parents' farm)
august 5 drive to san antonio
august 6 TV in san antonio
august 7+8 san antonio book event
august 9 austin book event
august 10 houston book event
august 11-13 TBD
august 14 dallas book event
august 15 play cards with 98-year-old gramma in TX
august 16-17 oklahoma
august 18-19 drive back to dc w/ 60 meditation cushions + bolsters on top of the car (photos to cOMe)
august 20-22 silent meditation retreat sans iPhone . . . uh oh!
august 23 record 4 podcasts/mentoring
august 24 + 25 TBD: may take 2 days off - woo hoo!
august 26 SURGERY (complete with thumb cast)
august 27-30 recovery with valium!
august 31 back to school

august goals and dreams forthcoming. today is all about momentum (as beau keeps saying). final touches on tranquil space arlington's new hOMe, pack for month away, greet yogis with tea + cookies tonight, and head to O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A in the wee hours.

wishing *you* a tranquil start to this sunny month!


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Jessica said...


And I thought I had a busy month. Kimberly, I'm in awe... how you keep up at this pace is beyond me!

Rachel said...

I sure hope those "TBD"s come to mean "Taking Back Downtime!"

Look for me at the Houston book event -- can't wait to see you again!

Sarah said...

Enjoy your trip! On a side note, I think you have handled the 168 hours extremely well, as demonstrated by your plans for this month!

Lizzie said...

I'm super excited to see you in Austin! I'll have just graduated from yoga teacher training.. and i can't wait to see you and be in your 'tranquil' presence...