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Monday, August 02, 2010

$ense & $ensibility Monday: Decadent DIY Treats

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Hello fellow Tranquilistas! Hope you’ve all had a lovely month and are set for a great August!

I have something to confess: I am a spa junkie. I love facials and mani/pedis and, above all, massages. But, alas, my budget does not stretch to cover my addiction, so I must make do on my own. Here are some of my favorite tools for my home spa – the best part is most are probably already in your kitchen cupboards! Please remember, though, to spot test your skin for any reactions. Just because something is "natural" does not mean you are safe from allergies or reactions.

Sweet bees
Honey is one of the best bases for facemasks (and can even be used as a cleanser by some) because its antibacterial properties kill off any nasty things hiding on your skin. It’s also a humectant, meaning it retains moisture, so it will make your skin feel nice and soft!

I love making my own body and face scrubs. For the body, I usually mix up some oil (olive, coconut, jojoba, etc) and brown sugar – not only does it exfoliate, but the oil moisturizes at the same time. For my face, I grind up some oatmeal and mix it with a bit of honey. Also, left over coffee grinds make a great scrub – the caffeine makes your skin glow.

Tea for two
I save used tea bags and keep them in the fridge. Then, I either throw them in my bath for some fragrant decompressing, or relax with them on my eyes to reduce any puffiness or dark circles (I’m too fond of eating cucumber to put it on my eyes!).

And oodles more!
There are so many more DIY beauty tricks to treat yourself to. What are some of your favorite ways to pamper yourself and save some cash at the same time?

Keep living big on that budget,

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