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Monday, August 23, 2010

dreams of fall

fall is right around the corner. i can feel it. smell it. taste it. fall is truly my favorite time of the year.

yes, i know it is still a month away, but i'm feeling the anticipation already. maybe it's my love for tall boots, hats, apple cider, falling leaves, and lots of layers. either way, i'm gearing up for it with my dreams for september - december.

as i shared in last night's podcast, i spent time penning these dreams while sitting poolside near austin. while in oklahOMa, i added them to my art journal in a spread that opens to display old accounting paper from my great grandparents' furniture store covered with images and written dreams/goals for the last quarter of 2010.

a few of my dreams are: healed body, pray in india, host 3 dinner parties, 2-3 yoga/2-3 gym/1 running/week, relaxing holidays at cabin, sales goals for TranquiliT's fall collection, register for an art retreat, NYC book event, inspiring team retreat, and more.

have you taken time to ponder what you'd like the final 4 months to contain? if not, i encourage you to do so. your dreams are waiting to unfold. bisous.

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Katherine said...

we are on the same wave length! i've spent the day pondering and reflecting on 2010 goals and how i want to move forward. so fun and inspiring!

Sarah said...

I too love Fall! I even lit a "spiced cider" candle today and plan to bake pumpkin spice brownies this weekend. The smells, tastes, and weather are wonderful! Wonderful goals! I have so many, but perhaps my most important is to find balance and enjoyment between my busy months of work ahead and seasonal fun.

Melita said...

there is just something so crisp and refreshing about fall, no?! it has always been my favorite season as well. taking some downtime and pondering the rest of the years goals, business and personal and a way to beautifully meld the two together. hugs!!

kimberly wilson said...

yay, ladies. isn't this time splendid? even feeling a bit fallesque here in dc. refreshing indeed! xx

Vintage Butterfly said...

Fall is my favourite time of year also. I also get to look forward to my 12 year wedding anniversary on Halloween this year!! :)

I have also been putting pen to journal about my goals for the rest of the is funny, Kimberly...but making TT item purchases are on my list of maybe we can both reach our goals that way. :) Wishing everyone a fabulous day...everyday.

Dawn said...

Thank you for the reminder on the beauty of fall! I'm a bit sad knowing summer is ending (and we had a pretty lousy summer) but your post gives me some perspective. :)

Tiffani said...

Love this post! It is so inspiring and I plan to take the rest of this afternoon to reflect & do some visual journaling myself. xoxo