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Monday, July 19, 2010

my key ingredients for a tranquil life

during a recent muse session while sipping jasmine tea at a cafe, i came up with my non-exhaustive list of my key ingredients for tranquil living. my hope is that they will inspire you, too, to find some tranquility among the chaos of everyday living.

live simply
read great women writers
spend less than you make
give back
do work that you are passionate about
take time outs
exercise your body + mind daily
respond vs react
eat + drink nourishing yumminess
create daily
let your life be an artistic expression
make everything you do an experience

what are *your* key ingredients for tranquil living?


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Melita said...

yoga, naps, snuggles with beloved pets, and hugs!!

Amanda St.Clair said...

Me time!

Rachel said...

Discard the notion of perfection, it doesn't exist; stroke passing cats; breathe; be yoga; love; save; share; eat cupcakes :D

Jessica said...

Spend just 5 minutes a day with your hands wrapped around a cup of tea, and look out the window at the world. Ignore everything else around you but the view.

Leslie said...

Afternoons in bed with a good book, yoga on days I don't feel like getting out of bed, being nice to me, smiling, lounge pants!

Katherine said...

oohh - i love respond vs. react! yoga and walking every morning with my pup are both key parts of a tranquil day! also - journaling!

Vintage Butterfly said...

Being good to me, making time for me, yoga, walks in nature, journaling, being creative, helping others, living each moment to the fullest, having no regrets, I am also working on putting myself first (wellness) and not stressing over things I can not change...

I also loved Rachel's thought of "Discard the notion of perfection, it doesn't exist." I believe that helps us to live more fully in each moment.

Christina Elaine said...

Wonderful list, time outs and naps are a must.....

Carolyn said...

Me time, walks along the beach or just sitting in the sand writing in my journal, yoga, snuggling with my Love- chocolate a& cupcakes :-)

Unknown said...

Play with my kitty Duchess, write in my journal, practice yoga, practice dance (including while cooking in the kitchen), keep my mind working via classes, puzzles, reading, anything and everything!