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Saturday, July 17, 2010

bonjour brunette bob + tres chic bebe shower

as promised in yesterday's post, brunette i am. feels tres chic. headed straight to rite aid, picked up garnier semi-permanent hair color with bamboo extract in #500 - medium natural brown. voila, love it.

i stayed in town this weekend to attend a dear friend's bebe shower. over the years, i've been to some fairly traumatic showers - game playing that felt grade schoolish, silly banter, and an overall awkward vibe. i was beyond impressed with today's extravaganza held at the henley hotel. warm welcomes, ample jasmine tea, laughs, a LUSH bath bomb at each setting, tea sandwiches, mini pastries, bubbly with a slice of lemon rind, and, of course, cupcakes. note my half-consumed cupcake top. yum!

her sister shared insights into how other traditions do baby showers. no wonder, she's a social worker! in addition, we strung a necklace for her to wear during labor that contained beads with our wishes for her.

grateful for such a kind spirit who crossed my path via assisting my class at tranquil space. she's a blessing from above and will be an *amazing* mum.

tonight is open and i'm debating organize, go see an indie flick, hit the gym, or all of the above. to be determined. taking it one breath at a time.


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Miss M minus 30 said...

those cupcakes look divine and brunette is very becoming on you...

From Drab to Fab said...

Ooolala - you look Tres Chic as a brunette!

Kimberly @ said...

I definitely like the brunette!

Mindy said...

Love the brunette bob :-)

Julia said...

I love the brunette on you. Very French mademoiselle.

Anonymous said...

Kimberly! I love the new colour! Super cute! I wanted to let you know that I posted your "Six movements of the spine" youtube video on my blog today! Hope that's okay! Happy Monday! xo