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Sunday, July 25, 2010

my bucket list

spent my saturday night shopping for the new tranquil space arlington studio we're moving next weekend - body splash, trash cans, laundry baskets, hair ties, mops, mirrors, herbal tea. oodles of sundries necessary for welcOMing our beloved yogis.

before the shopping spree (aka oh-so-sexy saturday night adventure), i spent time working on my "bucket list." in may i did the right hand side of the image above, and yesterday i completed the left hand side written over my new 168 hours timesheet. a great reminder to make my hours count.

here is a sampling of my list in no particular order:

sky dive - done
ride in hot air balloon
rock climb - done
hike grand canyon - done
backpack through europe - done
dance in paris - done
visit all 7 continents
pray in india
be a CNN hero
have high tea at the plaza eloise style
join toastmasters
be on the today show
see an opera in NY - done
see pope at the vatican - done
pick tea leaves in china
have a tiny cottage in the woods
run a half marathon
run a marathon
fire a pistol
take a train ride across the US
louvre - done
surfing lessons in hawaii - done
white water rafting - done
column in popular media
see moulin rouge - done
take a jazz class
live abroad for 6 mos
take golf lessons - done
visit tibet
don a hot pink sari
visit bali
have a rescue pet pig
sell on etsy
safari in africa
get a PhD
get MSW
host a tv show
donate one million dollars to charity
start a foundation - done
be on the cover of a magazine
be featured in a book - done
write a book - done
help end factory farming
write a best-seller
produce yoga practice CDs - done
sun in greece - done
eat in italy - done
sleep in a castle - done
have a loving partnership - done
take a sabbatical
gondola ride in venice - done
snowboard in colorado - done
produce a film/documentary
design a clothing line - done
see orangutans + gorillas in their natural habitat
be a full-time philanthropist
play the harmonium
take salsa lessons - done
go on a sleigh ride - done
bastille day in paris - done
teach yoga - done
write a memoir

now that i've shared a few dreams, please share a few of yours. what's on *your* bucket list?


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Rachel said...

Himself has skydiving on his bucket list. Apparently he's doing it in Australia next year... I'm scared for him :/

Sarah said...

Fantastic bucket list! I haven't fully created mine yet, but it is a wonderful reminder of everything we can strive towards. And yours in particular shows that we can achieve out goals/wishes.

Anonymous said...

Your bucket list rocks! You have done some really awesome things, its so exciting to see the cool things that have been possible, and the cool things ahead!

Here is my bucket list; I am sharing on my NEW BLOG inspired by none other than you!

Thanks for all of the WONDERFUL ideas and inspiration.

kimberly wilson said...

withgolddust - j'adore yours and congrats on the new blog! thanks for sharing. xx

Globetrotting Cacti said...

I started a bucket list in my diary after seeing a film of the same name...

some things of my list include:

* a gospel brunch in NYC
* seeing Bon Jovi in New Jersey (no negative comments on my music choices PLEASE!).
* eat at a Gordon Ramsey restaurant
* try rollerblading
* have golf lessons

The list focuses my mind and ensures that I watch for opportunities experience items on my list.

Jina said...

After reading through your list, how awesome it feels to have done some of those things with you! Good times:)

Anonymous said...

Great list! I've got one on my blog as well. Good luck on knocking off a few more items!

Lesley W. said...

Wow! Love your list. Now I need to compile one of my own. Thanks for sharing.

tan said...

This is first time on your site, but went straight to bucket list somehow. Impressed that you want to get a MSW, LCSW; I have both of those, but would love to do something like what you're doing.
You're coming to Richmond next Saturday and hope to make it to your book signing at OM. Was asking one of instructors when your birthday was and she thought you just had it.
I definitely felt a libra vibe when reading your book(I'm a libra too). Hope to see you next Saturday!

Unknown said...

You should also try getting some surfing for beginnersif you haven't tried. I know I included it in my bucket list.