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Monday, June 14, 2010

words of wisdom

pink palace photo by sally mannix

today i woke up to my vibrating phone (that i'd left on a hardwood floor so it was quite the wake up) well before calls should be allowed. i was still in a deep slumber dreaming about college days and the challenges of dating. ugh. not the perfect start to my week.

i stumbled into the kitchen to feed my "starving" pug and make my green zen tea, then settled in front of my newly revived macbook air to handle an overdue email draft. i began to do my normal twitter checking while waiting for my email to load and i came across this tweet by karen maezen miller: "baby steps will get you anywhere if you don't stop stepping." then i clicked on the link and found this great blog post.

i stopped in awe when i read the perfect mindfulness reminder:

“whatever you bring your attention to will flourish.”

this simple sentence struck me as the perfect reminder on how to start my week and, honestly, to live my life.

so i ask you dear readers, where is your attention right now on this beautiful monday morning?


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Sarah said...

Thank for this post and sharing your findings. As I woke up this morning, an hour later than I planned, I dreaded today and everything that awaits me. Yet, I also have been stressing about being less productive than I could be and not focusing on what is important. A nice reminder to take small steps without pressure is just what I needed.

Btw, I love your photo! It is a great view of the pink palace.

Emme said...

Thanks for the shout out and link love. Found you through a link over on "The Project". I'll definitely be back for more of you. :)

Melita said...

i woke up extra early in anticipation of my yoga teacher training in pittsburgh. luckily i had the right start to the perfect day!

Kimberly @ said...

Slightly late, but on my mind was a big decision regarding my job and career. I'd been angsting about it all weekend, but now that the offer was politely turned down, I'm feeling so happy about it!

Been listening to you for years, by the way. Thank you from another Kimberly. :)

Caitlin said...

Yuck. College days are recently behind me but the dating challenges ensue! As for the quotes, I love finding inspiration in such simplicity.