Tuesday, June 15, 2010

TranquiliT seen around the world: giveaway

last week i tweeted and facebooked (is that a verb?) a request for TranquiliT lovers to submit photos of them donning TranquiliT by june 30 to enter to win an all-in-one wrap dress. i've received a few so far and loved this collage melita put together. isn't it darling?

send photos of you in your favorite piece(s) to info@TranquiliT.com to enter. happy tranquility!

 photo sig.jpg


Melita said...

aww thanks for posting my photo collage, i'm honored! and yes, tweeted & facebooked are totally verbs ;) hugs!!

Lynne from NY said...

What a lovely collage! I heart Melita, she wears Tranquilit well :)