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Friday, June 18, 2010

week in review

averil of art + clasp donning TranquiliT

week in review

what an exciting, challenging, stimulating week this has been!

you know the ones - deadlines, unforeseen changes, miscommunications, exciting news, and a packed schedule. relate? maybe you, too, had one of these weeks!

well, either way, delighted to be moving into the weekend and all the fun things i have planned: Buddhafest, spa date at spa world, photo shoot at tranquil space, creative play date with hope of paper relics, leading a tranquil teens program. oh, and a 15+ page paper due sunday at midnight. le sigh.

- went through bookshelves with friend. have 5 bags o' books to donate.

- finalized new banner look for tranquil space dupont circle and finalizing sign for new tranquil space arlington location.

- took final exam for social policy. *way* harder and much longer than anticipated. glad it is over. used blue books for the first time in years. was scheduled for tuesday but catholic had a water main break so it was pushed to thursday. relief but offset week's schedule.

- continued struggles with the design/feel of new tranquil space website. when launched, know oodles of love (and time) was put into it.

- hit gym 3 days in a row. was recognized by manager as the featured new member. felt like a mini celebrity for a moment.

- hired 4 new talented teachers to our tranquil space team.

- paid quarterly taxes. boo.

- recorded chair yoga video for tranquil space's mid-month tranquility tip.

- announced *new* tranquil space location in arlington as we had permits in hand and were beginning the build-out!

- shared TranquiliT giveaway: submit photos of you in your fave pieces by june 30 and enter to win an all-in-one wrap dress. averil's photos are above and melita was featured earlier this week. more to come and thanks for sharing!

- taught seniors at assisted living center my chair yoga sequence.

- reviewed *all* your fabulous suggestions and have put together a plan to implement as many as possible.

- almost finished zappos' book: delivering happiness. j'adore it. 5ish pages to go.

- met with kacy of inspired office to organize some nooks and crannies of tranquil space. organizing makes me way too happy.

i'm feeling lighter with my final behind me but this paper is a not-so-tranquil monkey on my back. however, i'll focus on all the fun things i have planned this weekend (having expected to be done with the paper last night) and do my best to make them all happen with ease! that's the spirit, right?

wishing you a weekend full of lightness, spaciousness, and sprinkles of tranquility despite the many to-dos and/or deadlines that might be looming. let's continue to strive for tranquility among the chaos. makes for a better adventure and allows us to grow beyond what we may have thought possible.


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rachal said...

I took an online class with Hope of Paper Relics and it was fabulous!!! She is so inspiring:) Have fun.

Anonymous said...

I looove that picture! TranquiliT is on my wishlist for sure! You sure are a busy bee! xo

Torri said...

Would u care to donate any of those books to the Victoria B fund? Cleaning things out can be therapeutic. I just donated a huge garbage bag full of clothes...