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Saturday, May 15, 2010

creative space revamp

here's a before and after view of my 5-hour creative space revamp today. i've been envying other creative spaces over the past week or so, i took advantage of some open space today and reorganized my armoire. inside you'll find:

notecards, checkbooks, journals, file folders, writing tools, paperclips, paint, decoratve paper, stamps, collage materials, double sided tape, glue sticks, index cards, old planner pads.

simple keys to organizing:
  • carve out ample open space to play
  • have music playing and tea nearby
  • pull everything out and sort into similar piles (ex. books, pens, file folders, etc. together)
  • have a big trash bin nearby and a bin for passing along to pals
  • begin to put items back in a strategic manner
  • bask in a job well done

tips and more tips on organizing your creative space. happy organizing. happy creating. now let's create in peace sans clutter!


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Vintage Butterfly said...

It is official...I need to get an armoire. I seem to always have to go all over the house for my supplies, because I don't have one place to put everything...I have been using a roller craft big (kind of large) but I have to keep it on my deck which is on the other side of the house from where I do my crafts...armoire is now on my list of things to get...thanks Kimberly! :)

Art and Clasp said...

Nice work Kimberly, it looks fab! Isn't it so much more appealing to use your materials when they are easy to see and get to? I had let my jewelry and art materials get out of hand so I had a good tidy up this Saturday too, and have been much more creative and productive as a result!