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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

100 things

100 things (inspired by early tranquility du jour guest blogger amanda hirsch's post)

1. i'm from the great plains . . . oklahoma.
2. i just read ted leonsis' book "the business of happiness" and want to create a list of 101 things i want to do in this lifetime.
3. the "old man grunts" louis makes brings me joy.
4. my favorite "restaurant" is the olive garden. i know, i know.
5. i love to plant impatiens each spring.
6. zen by tazo green tea with agave nectar is my every morning go-to.
7. i'm currently obsessed with setting up the perfect pink palace creative space inspired by photos such as these.
8. i will finish my MSW in 2013 and plan to add therapy to my offerings and focus on expanding my non-profit, tranquil space foundation.
9. i'm a bath whore - some days i take two lush-filled baths.
10. j'adore mind mapping - this is how i outlined tranquilista.
11. i heart air supply and have a penchant for really bad music.
12. potbelly pigs kill me - in a good way - i want my own someday.
13. i have dreams of sewing, beading, writing, and creating full-time.
14. i now have my first bottle of chanel in my possession courtesy of mindy from wish studio.
15. i'm an INFJ - introvert at heart who needs oodles of alone time.
16. i believe the answers to life's questions can be found in books.
17. reading without a pen is impossible for me - i must underline.
18. i prefer simple milk chocolate over fancy dark chocolates.
19. my every-so-often indulgence is a soy chai latte from starbucks.
20. i used to tell "super cow" stories to the cows at my grandparent's farm - wanted to empower them!
21. i backpacked through europe after college for 3 months in 1995.
22. peonies warm my heart.
23. the smell of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies is a gift from god.
24. my sweet tooth rules my life.
25. i created tranquil space to serve as a community for like-minded washingtonians to do yoga and sip tea.
26. i am overly sensitive in many ways - even noise and bright lights.
27. my dosha is vata-pitta.
28. i was given the most beautiful antique jewelry box (see above photo) on friday - embellished with buttons on top, painted, and the word "passion" inside.
29. statistics (math in general) makes me cry.
30. flying has become intensely anxiety-producing.
31. i was a ballerina in grade school and junior high.
32. i was the co-captain of our high school pom pom team but never understood (nor was interested) in the silly football and basketball games we danced at.
33. i tried soccer in grade school, cried each time the ball came at me, and wore a pink skinny belt over my jersey topped with a wide unmatching headband.
34. leading tranquil teens programs to receptive teenage girls brings me great pleasure.
35. i long to be an inspiring leader to my studio and non-profit's teams.
36. sitting still is very challenging for me.
37. i love to wear and design with layers.
38. my hobbies (and my babies) are my businesses.
39. i have questionable parenting skills based on the behavior/personality disorders of my three pets.
40. my kitchen is wasted space - need more book shelves.
41. i'm a vegetarian with occasional cravings for fried chicken.
42. j'adore pink, pink, and more pink.
43. i've worn mostly black since 2006. no reason. just like it.
44. i like the beach except the sand is gritty and water scares me.
45. i prefer car camping.
46. i beg beau to rent an RV to drive moi and louis cross-country.
47. i'm addicted to my planner pad.
48. i believe it's not a party unless there is a gift bag and tons of scented candles.
49. j'adore donning pink boxing gloves and hitting my 70lb pink heavy bag.
50. yoga is my sustenance.
51. rarely watch TV but, when i do, it often involves true crime.
52. meditation is an ongoing daily goal. started today with 10 minutes of it and feel great.
53. i long to have my own etsy store - currently have one sans product.
54. nag champa incense is dreamy and lit nightly chez moi.
55. my heart belonged to my grandpa who died when i was 6 from lung cancer.
56. i've never smoked a cigarette.
57. i enjoy smoking a cigar on special occasions.
58. i have a master's in women's studies from george washington university. just cause - wanted the degree.
59. i'd like a PhD in women's studies or something equally of interest.
60. i enjoy doing tv interviews, interviewing on my podcast, and hosting e-courses - connecting brings me great pleasure.
61. i only read non-fiction - business or self-help or memoir or creativity.
62. my design esthetic is "zen princess."
63. i've had to make many hard decisions over the past 10.5 years as a business owner.
64. journal writing is my outlet.
65. currently obsessed with visual journaling.
66. desperately want to immerse myself in mixed media play.
67. LOVE making inspiration boards on manilla file folders.
68. believes paris, venice, and new york provide oodles of inspiration.
69. wishes to spend time making art, making magic, and making a difference.
70. beyond grateful for my supportive beau, loving parents, and fiesty 98-year-old gramma.
71. hearts cucumber rolls and miso soup.
72. despises clutter but often find myself surrounded by self-induced clutter. boo.
73. i was obsessed with turtles growing up and had myrtle, urtle, yurtle, nosy and pudding who are all buried in my childhood backyard.
74. i used to color my hair with peroxide and a hair dryer in junior high (pre "sun-in" days).
75. i'll be at sex and the city on opening day and now want to travel to morocco.
76. i've always been curious on deep levels about the meaning of life and how to live it with no regrets.
77. my journey to becoming a therapist has been circuitious.
78. i have zip, nada, no business training.
79. i run my organizations based on intuition, book knowledge, and a focus on what i would want as a customer.
80. i think rats are cute and don't understand why others are scared of them.
81. i grew up with hamsters, newts, and gartner snakes as pets.
82. gossip makes me sad.
83. cruely to animals - in any form - breaks my heart.
84. i'm beyond excited to go to india later this year.
85. i feel a need for a spiritual pilgrimage of sort in my future.
86. in junior high i was a born-again christian who carried my bible to school (wrapped in pretty paper, of course).
87. i cried when i realized i couldn't be perfect and was too much of a sinner.
88. i'm drawn to buddhism and can't get enough of this compassionate philosophy.
89. i love shipping TranquiliT orders - it's like sending gifts every day.
90. accessories bring me great joy.
91. i picture myself traveling and using my skillset in big ways as i age - think audrey hepburn and unicef.
92. constantly struggle with time management - crave constant efficiency.
93. B+s break my heart - too close to the golden A.
94. muir woods is one of my favorite places on earth.
95. in 1996 i drove from VA to alaska and down the west coast for 3 months.
96. felt liberated when told that i didn't need to seek work/life balance because they were so intertwined.
97. am currently addicted to green smoothies and an orange cheese with chives.
98. am inspired by melinda gates, madonna, martha stewart, sharon gannon, amy butler, and steve jobs . . . to name a few.
99. bought a harmonium in 2008 and still have yet to properly learn it.
100. loves cotton candy - the smell, taste, and texture.

originally i planned to only do 50, then i got to 60, then 75 and kept going. this was fun and i'd love to see what comes up for you with this exercise.

this is my first week trying on a new hat - teaching a new night, summer school classes, and basically a whole new schedule. so far it's feeling yummy and helped to spark creative flow. last night's sit with sharon salzberg was just what the doctor ordered (she comes monthly to dc).

wishing you the joy of doing things differently and embracing what is sure to follow.


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Amanda said...

Super cow stories!!! I love this!!

I'm an INFJ too :)

And I was also the co-captain of the pom pom squad in junior high!! All my friends tried out for cheerleading, which I thought was lame. I decided the pom squad was more about dancing. It's the only time I've ever been a "dancer" in my entire life.

Sarah said...

I'm so excited about your journey in becoming a therapist. I think you will be a fantastic therapist!

I am an INTJ. Apparently, that is a MBT that is good at clinical supervision. Hmm...

Reading about your passions is so delightful. You can never have too many!

Shannon said...

I love #20 - the "super cow" stories. I stayed briefly on a farm in Ireland when I lived in Europe as a child and used to read the sheep Irish fairy tales. I thought maybe that would make them more friendly towards me.

I might have to try this exercise myself. Very fun indeed. Plus how many times we forget all the things we have accomplished as opposed to what we haven't.

Vintage Butterfly said...

I am so going to write this list out for myself and post it on my blog...great idea for inspiration and realizing what we adore, and who we reading your list, there are many things that I adore Great minds...Thank you so much for sharing!

Caren said...

great list!! I laughed out loud when I saw the "sun-in" comment. Oh, the trauma we put our hair through....

Carolee said...

Darling, have you ever read The Highly Sensitive Person? I identify as an HSP and many of your comments made me wonder if you would as well. Check out the website of Dr. Elaine Aron : and see if it helps you in any way!


Sallie Ann said...

What wonderful tidbits! I'm an INFP,and am not totally sure what that means other than I'm also referred to as a Healer, which is nice. I've also taken my enneagram test and learned I'm an Enthusiast, which has been really interesting to read about. Really enjoyed reading your 100 things. Thanks for sharing!

Bonafyde said...

As far as #12 goes I think I just found something while blog hopping that may satisfy your urge until you find your self a live one. Bonus, it comes in two shades of pink and it can also help you save for something extra special for yourself! ;)

check it out here;