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Friday, April 02, 2010

tranquility du jour #180: food experience

tranquility du jour #180: food experience (mp3)

Bonjour. Welcome to the 180th edition of Tranquility du Jour: A Guide to Bringing Tranquility to your Every Day. Today’s show continues the series featuring tranquility du jour's guest bloggers with musings on food with Robyn Michelle-Lee.

Robyn is an ashtanga-practicing yogini who lives in a little apartment on the edge of the pacific ocean. She studies literature and teaches writing at university, and she is beginning a freelance photography business. She is also taking a food writing course, running on the beach, planning upcoming travels in Europe, and doing a marketing internship. Each aspect of the food experience interests her, thus "Foodie Fridays" explores organic living, gorgeous cookbooks, delicious recipes, informative nutrition, Ayurvedic principles, hosting dinner parties, properties of tea, wine tasting, the beauty of the food experience and more. While she was in Europe, she kept a blog to record her experiences of new cultures and she has recently begun a new lifestyle-focused blog.

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