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Friday, April 09, 2010

i'm so excited and i just can't hide it . . . + artistic giveaway

to conclude my week, i wanted to share a few things that i'm currently excited about PLUS offer you a chance to indulge in a much-deserved artist date. here are my happy thoughts in no particular order:

1. sex and the city 2 hits theatres may 27. OMG. seriously, so excited. will be there opening night with bells on. ok, maybe not bells. a flower pin and sparkles, for sure!

2. i'm now moving around and my "exercise" is pendulum swings. wanna see the surgery? ewww.

3. i'm 1/2 done with paper 1 due monday. only 1 1/2 to go!

4. tomorrow night a friend is coming over to help me declutter chez moi. will take before and after pics for spring cleaning inspiration.

5. this semester is over in 4 weeks. woo-hoo. alas, then i start summer school the following week.

6. TranquiliT is nominated as a "rising star" in an upcoming eco-chic award event at the corcoran gallery. hmmmm, wonder what i should wear? *and* bloomies wants to feature a few pieces in their earth day window display.

7. i accepted an internship at n street village and will be working in their education and employment center 16 hours/week september-may 2011 for my first MSW internship. great organization!

8. i have tickets to go see the georgia o'keefe exhibit at the phillips collection. GIVEAWAY: want a ticket? leave a coment below and *two local ladies* will be randomly chosen and given a chance to indulge in an artist date.

what are you excited about at the moment?

wishing you a tranquil, artistic, playful weekend sans school papers!


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CMB said...

Oooh! I'm a Maryland girl and I'm expecting my first child in September. Beauty and inspiration through the O'Keefe exhibit would be SUCH a treat right now!

Melita said...

darn, wish i was more local than 3 1/2 hrs away ;)

i'm excited to spend some weekend creating in my visual journal - SO much fun, let me tell ya!!

ps you will absolutely LOVE the georgia o'keeffe exhibit. when i was in santa fe, nm two summers ago i went to the georgia o'keeffe museum and had the best time.

it was an artist's date now that i think of it, as i went totally by myself and had a wonderful time! i'd have to put it at the top of my favorite artist's dates ever! :)


Lauren said...

Ohhh I'd love to see the O'Keefe exhibit! I just saw the ads on the metro. I'm finishing up grad school at the end of the month and it would be the perfect excursion--and diversion--to shake off some end of the semester stress!

Vintage Butterfly said...

Have fun at the O'Keefe exhibit, I am soooo excited about "Sex and the City 2" Love, Love, Love me some Sex and the City...will be there opening night as well ;) Have a fab weekend ladies!

April said...

1. I share your excitement over SATC 2. I will have to rope in a couple of my friends to go with me (I found out that none of my friends "got into" SATC...wha?? An idea foreign to me!)

2. It's so amazing to me that we figured out how to fix our bodies through surgery.

3. This just makes me laugh (not in a bad way, but in a "oh you're cute kinda way"). My biggest weakness is procrastination.

4. take care of the shoulder...eep!

5. I had that same realization, only it's six weeks, and I have two weeks off before the summer semester, for me. That much closer to the goal!

6. That is exciting news! I *heart* tranquilit, and it's good to hear when the line gets well-deserved recognition!

7. Congratulations on the internship! What an exciting new chapter!

8. Is Austin, TX considered local? No? boo.

Anonymous said...

I have seen the O'Keefe exhibit (it is fantastic), but I always love another opportunity to visit Phillips (so charming in there!). And really, the colors are just too gorgeous to only see once! What a treat!

Gina said...

Congratulations on the rising star status that is wonderful. I'm so lukewarm about Sex & the City2. I adored the show, but this second film just seems so irrelevant at this point.

moi said...

can. not. wait! to see Sex and the City 2. Thanks for posting the trailer.