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Monday, March 08, 2010

swinging on beach + san diego living tv 1: day 2 + start of 3

= swinging high on a beach, wheatgrass shots, yoga on-the-go (+ in your office chair), reconnecting with old + new friends, sipping pink bubbly, green juices (yesterdays = celery, spinach, apple, cucumber), celebrating international women's day, the princess project (they were on san diego living with me today).

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moi said...

omg how fun ... you are such a natural! Enjoy every moment of your West Coast tour.

Emily Anne Carson said...

Fabulous post! Looks like you are having grand west coast adventures. Savor all those glorious moments. And - you're hair looks fantastic!

Unknown said...

Hi, Kimberly! I love those office poses... I did them at my computer while watching you...mmm! :) I love how you're teaching the world that yoga is something that fits into everyday life. Go Girl!