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Friday, February 26, 2010

week in review

whew, what a week! feel the same? i long to hang out in reclined twist for a few hours.

during one of my many podcast interviews this week, a guest mentioned the importance of doing a week in review to stay connected to accomplishments and bigger goals. it was a great reminder to pen a post today highlighting this week. here goes:

* recorded seven podcasts for tranquility du jour: ayurveda, yoga + wine, nutrition, mindful mammaing, style, and more!
* recorded a green smoothie making video with the lovely tranquil space teacher melissa van orman for tranquility du jour tv
* announced our challenging decision to close the tranquil space bethesda location mid-march. le sigh.
* had MRIs read and got a second cortisone shot in thumb and am scheduled for shoulder surgery next month. boo.
* ate half a box of thin mints after diagnosis today and feel surprisingly better!
* am working on a take home exam, stats paper, and studying for a stats text on monday.
* canceled sunday's TranquiliT trunk show to focus on sunday night spring shoot and spring launch. shop sale online.
* met with boxing teacher. focused on shadow boxing to reduce impact on shoulder. loved it. felt so good to get sweaty.
* left yoga class after first vinyasa due to silly thumb and shoulder. wanted to cry. instead got a big slice of pizza!
* tranquilista was featured in gaiam. yay!
* answered oodles of questions on formspring. more to come!
* finalizing west coast tour: san diego to vancouver march 8-16. full details next week.
* had two radio interviews on all things tranquilista.
* filled out field paperwork for MSW program, met with program coordinator, and have an interview at n street village next week re: internship. tres excited. they do great work for women!
* got flight for costa rica retreat.
* prepped photo sheet for sunday's spring shoot.
* reviewed analysis of tranquil space survey: 650 responses. will share soon.
* shipped oodles of books, CDs, and TranquiliT orders.
* coined new mantra: don noir, live pink.

tonight i'm off with beau, sir louis, gota, and his parents for a night o' karaoke. oh my! will be a wonderful relief after this crazy week. video to come - although i'm sure it will require oodles of editing. beau and i already have our chosen songs!

tomorrow i have an all-day "mindfulness on the job" workshop with the insight meditation group of washington. so excited! definitely need some grounding and reinforcement of ways to bring mindfulness into busy work life. promise to take good notes and share.

OMwork: take a moment to pen your own week in review. it is amazing what goes on in one week. pat yourself on the back for what you accomplish. check in on how it aligns with your bigger picture goals. tweak as needed. rinse and repeat.

you are beautiful. wishing you a fabulously phenomenal weekend. you deserve it. and maybe a thin mint, too.


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The Depressed Yogi said...

So sorry to hear about your shoulder. :( I hope everything goes okay, and you can get back to boxing and sun salutations and all that goodness soon!

Have fun at karaoke! I LOVE karaoke. :)

Lexi said...

Kimberly - sending you positive vibes for the stats work (yuk). I actually bought Stats for Dummies when I was doing my PhD - FYI great book . . . and I'm sorry you are having to have surgery . . . I'm feeling your pain . . . just had PT on rotator cuff this afternoon. I'll be praying for your speedy recovery.

Jessica said...

So sorry to hear about your shoulder, but super excited to hear that you will be in Vancouver! When? Where?

Robyn Thompson said...

isn't writing everything from the week so therapeutic?
i cannot wait to hear those upcoming podcasts... ayurveda, wine, nutrition, green smoothies - i am all in!

Sarah said...

I hope your shoulder gets better soon! I too have to write a paper for stats this Monday. brain has been rejecting writing it. Can't wait for the new podcasts!

Vintage Butterfly said...

Sending speedy recovery prayers and thoughts for your shoulder...and I can not wait to hear the new podcasts...woo whoo!