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Saturday, February 27, 2010

karaoke extravaganza

last night we joined the sweetest family *ever* for a night of singing. even louis got to come! i haven't indulged in karaoke since january 2005 and it was a total treat. we planned this special night months ago and sweet gota even donned his kimono (with a TranquiliT scarf as his sash).

our playlist was ecclectic with country, pop, girl power, and old school. here's a sampling of our songs: sweet caroline, i will survive, she thinks his name was john (reba mcentire song about contracting AIDS - probably not the best choice on my part), like a bird, lose yourself, islands in the stream, we are the world, not ready to make nice, crazy for you . . . and many, many more.

the hardest was eminem's lose yourself. most fun was we are the world. gota's mum brought yummy cupcakes, we sipped light beers, and served sir louis carrots.

highly recommend a night o' singing to hit the reset button!


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