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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

tranquility du jour tv: TranquiliT spring 2010 colors revealed

delighted to unveil the spring 2010 colors (names TBD) along with a sample of a new reversible piece. to enhance our versatility, we'll be producing a few pieces in two colors. yay for many ways to wear and now in varied colors.

our theme is ballet. some of my favorite childhood moments are donning tutus, dressing in pink and black, and putting on layers for my ballet classes. i hope you adore the new collection as much as i do. photos of samples and more coming over the next few weeks.

if you have clever, dance-like name suggestions for the dusty rose and purple colors, pass them along and i'll send a $100 TranquiliT gift certificate to the winner!

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Jenny said...

love them - very excited for spring to be sprung!
how about... "classical pink" and "plie' purple"

Yolanda said...

Very nice pastels Kimberly! My suggestions:

Pink - "tutu"
Purple - "pirouette"

Mallory Ann said...

Pink- Worn Ballet Shoe

Katherine said...

i am still a dancer (not a ballerina anymore though) and truly heart the colors. here are my thoughts:

pink - dusty piqué
purple - relevé à la lavande

Emily Anne Carson said...

Lovely colors! Here are my suggestions:

Purple: virtuoso in violet
Pink: releve rose

dcgirl20024 said...

Not dance terms but the names that come to mind are BLUSH for the pink and WISTERIA for the purple.

Unknown said...

I missed the peek into your planner pad decorating fun in the video! Will you be posting it soon?
I can't wait to decorate my 2010 planner pad!

Amanda St.Clair said...

Primadonna Pink

Amanda St.Clair said...

oh, and lovely or loungin' lavendar.

Judy H said...

How about 'Dance of the Roses'...

the pink - Allegra or Belle de Crecy

the purple - La Belle Sultane

the names are names of actual old roses.

By the way, I 'discovered' your podcast recently and am slowly making my way from start to finish. I am thoughly enjoying each one. Even if the topic is not something which I am especially interested in, your voice is so 'tranquil', I find the stress flowing away and the inspiration flowing in.

Even though I currently do not have an active yoga live, I am slowly getting there. I have signed up with a local yoga studio for their New Year's Day Yoga Mala, doing 108 sun salutations. And am really looking forward to starting out my new year on a positive note.

Thanks for all your efforts.

J K said...

"Pas marché " its a classic ballet walk.
Perhaps put them together, "Linnea pas marche".
"rose chiffon"

Lisa said...

Hmm! "Sugar plum purple" and "Barre Blush".

Heather Pierce said...

pink= 'rose en pointe'
like a ballerina elevating the feet to dance in pink-hued toe shoes.

purple= 'violetta'
for famed bolshoi ballet dancer, violetta elvin.