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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

beloved holiday gift = inspiration reflection

a dear yogini presented me with this gift last night. a sweet note from SARK that she framed. it is now hanging in my office behind my desk. so lovely.

j'adore SARK and i recall stumbling upon her in my early twenties when i was searching and searching. wondering what life would bring, how best to utilize my talents. actually, how to know what my talents even were. post-college is always a bit of a blur, no? you're an adult, but yet so very green. transition times are discombobulating. many of you may be in one now as you wonder what is next for 2010. i like to turn to texts to help me figure things out. immersing myself in another's writing always inspires.

i happened upon SARK's book succulent wild woman at an indie book store in old town and fell in love. so juicy. so colorful. so inspiring. i also devoured anais nin journals during this formative time. what books have you come upont at the perfect time that spoke to you?

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Sara Reid said...

For the most part my days are spent working at the computer with the companionship of my pets; my two dogs Millie and Tramp and our cats Cinnamon and Timbo. Timbo deigns to visit when he is hungry but for the most part his days are spent outside hunting gophers, lizards and falling leaves. However, the other three are pretty much underfoot and close at hand throughout the day.