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Friday, September 25, 2009

more gorgeous petals + eye candy

when i stepped out the door this morning i was so happy to be able to don my tall faux suede boots and faux fur mini jacket to help combat the chill. love me some fall weather!

i was delighted to receive two more creative petals from kaileen and kylie. if you missed the fall festivity teleclass and would like to download it, the mp3 is available here.

while browsing a beading website this week, i came across my favorite vintage-looking sparkly bead and wanted to share it. isn't it divine?

while bookstore browsing after hearing the fab feme speaker wednesday night, i came across this DIVINE 2010 calendar. i heart zozo the magic queen! she's already hanging in my office and brings me great pleasure. it's the littlie things. did some googling and couldn't find much but the artist does have a facebook fan page in case you, too, vibe with zozo.

yay for eye candy and your creative expressions! may we all embrace our inner zozo the magic queen this weekend through some semblance of whimsical play. moi? i'm curled up in bed with my laptop, page proofs of tranquilista, and purring kitty trying to battle an impending cold before leading tonight's teacher training. late tonight beau and i will head to the woods for the weekend where i'll be studying, MSW paper writing, reviewing page proofs, and hosting a manager retreat. definitely plan on intersecting naps, hot tea, and loads of vitamin c into the mix. also, my *big* hope is to have some time to return to beading. i've missed that tactile creative process. toi

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Kaileen Elise said...

hi kimberly! thank you for posting my petals. it was such a treat to spend monday evening diving into my intentions for fall. xo, kaileenelise