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Friday, August 21, 2009


oh habits. what are you exactly? according to wikipedia (where i get oodles of info) habits are routines of behavior that are repeated regularly, tend to occur subconsciously without directly thinking about them. here's a little insight into my deep, dark subconscious happenings:

habits of mine i like:

- planning
- keeping 5 organizations running
- ongoing self-analysis
- energizer bunny energy
- unconditional love for animals
- ongoing desire to do/be more

habits of mine i'd like to wish away:

- taking things personally
- perusing facebook
- reacting
- loving processed food
- planning while practicing yoga
- my "sprench" pronunciation of the beautiful french language
- heading to e-mail first thing in AM and last thing in PM

habits i'd like to adopt:

- 7 habits of highly effective people
- tighter time management
- more whole grain + green food eating
- energy management to ensure spirit gets replenished
- not taking anything personally (j'adore the four agreements)
- patience
- actually reading all the books i own
- checking e-mail 2-4 times per day

et vous?

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Sallie Ann said...

Habits I like:
* My eating habits
* I clean as I go, and then have "serious" cleaning day on Thurs.
* I write snail-mail every Sunday AM
* Am good about leaving work space clean and organized

Habits I'd like to drop:
* Staying up too late at night
* Not exercising consistantly
* Waiting too long to update blog
* Put more on my schedule than can be reasonable done
* Watch too much T.V.

Habits I'd like to adopt
*Plan and manage time better
*Meditate in the morning
*Focus on one project rather than so much multi-tasking

kimberly wilson said...

sallie ann, thanks for sharing. these are fabulous! ah, morning meditation and less multi-tasking. i'd like to add those, too! xo

Sarah said...

Kimberly, great blog! Very inspiring. I may even borrow your idea for a post on my own blog. I love your energizer bunny energy, and it is something I definitely would like to adopt when I start my PhD in about a week.

Lynne from NY said...

They sound like some good topics to explore in future podcasts!

The Depressed Yogi said...

Habits I like:

*Daily journaling
*Cooking on the weekends
*Doing the dishes (almost) every night b4 bed
*Talking to Mom and/or Ma Soeur everyday

Habits I'd like to drop:

*Staying up late/waking up late
*Eating dessert on a daily basis
*Multitasking at work
*Being clutter-y

Habits I'd like to adopt:

*10 pm bedtime/6 am wakeup
*Morning rituals
*Daily yoga
*Regular running
*Long morning walks with Lola

The Depressed Yogi said...

P.S. If you could bottle and sell your energizer bunny energy, you'd make a KILLING!

April said...

Not that you're particularly looking for advice, but this resonated with me and events going on at currently in my life: what I've found that helps me not take things personally is by stepping back and trying to figure out what it's bringing up for me.

Plus I think it's easy to take things personally when you throw ALL of yourself into things and somebody even remotely says something halfway disparaging (even though they may not be trying to). You seem to be that person that doesn't just check in to do something, you go all out, 100% in, putting all of your heart into everything you do. You aren't out there just paying lip service to the HTC, Tranquilista, Tranquilit, Tranquility Du Jour. This seems to be your life, your passion, and your soul.

So, I'm a huge procrastinator, and I don't push myself as much as I should...pretty much my bad habits are related to giving people unwanted/unneeded advice (but the world *NEEDS* me!!).