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Saturday, August 22, 2009

gift show goodies

last sunday boutique manager marq + moi scoured the new york gift show for fun eco finds for tranquil space's boutique. here are shots of beautiful booths and a new product line coming to tranquil space.

j'adore bittersweet designs and laurie's booth was ABSOLUTELY dreamy. she was kind enough to let me take a photo of her inside as an inspiration to us all. her jewelry designs are the perfect push to get back to making jewelry. so sassy, sexy, and versatile! i MUST have those sparkling silver letters. you can find them at tinsel trading.

was tres excited to step into papaya's booth and view the newly launched sabrina collection. ommmmmm. so tranquil, so artsy, so divine! can you imagine going to work here every morning?

we picked up a new bath line called lotus love beauty. note all her do-gooding efforts. my fave scent is jasmine rose. tres tranquille!

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Lynne from NY said...

Nice photos!

Are you doing something different with your blog? For the past week or so, the writing and pics expand way out to the right so you have to scroll and scroll to read it. I used to be able to view everything all on one page but now it seems like it's set to super wide. I thought it was just my PC but I'm out of town and using someone else's PC and it's the same way. Just wonderin'!

Torri said...

i am in love with those necklaces! I cant wait to see which ones you sell in the studio as i may have to do some birthday shopping at the boutique