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Sunday, July 26, 2009

chez moi organization

oh my! this is what i've been living in for the past deux weeks. i had my soot-covered walls (thanks to my obsessive burning of candles) painted while in portland and my sad scratched up parquet flooring replaced with a light white-washed floor to brighten up the space last weekend. considering this huge overhaul and a schedule that keeps me moving most of the time, i was waiting for a chance to dive into putting my space back together with gusto. i got it on saturday - organized for 12 hours. the madeleine peyroux pandora station kept me company into the wee hours. i have 5 hours today before heading out for TranquiliT's fall photo shoot.

since my closet doors open out into a tres tiny room, i've decided to keep them off and am getting track barn doors installed. it's amazing what a coat of paint, fresh floors, and organization can do to bring new life into a home. all of the TranquiliT inventory will be moving over from the showroom this week so those two big wardrobes will house it. aren't they beautiful? back to organizing . . .

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