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Friday, June 12, 2009


j'adore the connections and like-minded ladies that i've met via blogging and tweeting. thank you for sharing your twitter addresses so that we could follow you. now, i'd love to have blog addresses from fellow readers. please share your scoop in the comments so that we can read your musings. it's always a treat to find new inspiration!

one fun find is the lovely wish studio blog. i'll be writing a monthly column on tranquilology for it so please peruse my first piece here.

the week flew by. agree? seems like life continues to move so quickly and i'm grateful for the ongoing ups and downs. keeps moi challenged, encouraged, and inspired. busily pulling together a tranquilology e-book for my creative non-fiction class, editing tranquilista, and finalizing my grad school application. last night we had a small gathering to celebrate tranquil space foundation's third year (woo hoo!): highlighted the seven grants we've given, dozen of tranquil teens programs we've led, and events we've hosted. it felt good.

tomorrow begins with a planner pad workshop (yay! 2 spaces left if you want to join), a dash of yin yoga, and teaching teacher training. sunday gives me a boost of ashtanga, a playdate with a bridal party at the showroom, and a train the trainer workshop for tranquil teens. the podcast on sunday night is FABULOUS - the magnifique amy butler. you will love it! ready for an action-packed weekend.

i am very grateful for the synergy created online with each of you. you're like a little family - odd considering many of our paths of not crossed . . . yet. a BIG merci beaucoup for all the helpful feedback on my personal statement for graduate school. due on monday so i plan to polish over the weekend and your input will be infused.

enjoy the photo of sir louis dolled up in my scarf. clearly he's not pleased about it, but it made me smile. best wishes for a phenomenal weekend. do something decadent just for you: sleep in, nap, eat a sundae (had one on tuesday with extra whipped cream), nosh on froyo, sprinkle wheat germ on ice cream, slurp succulent fruit, sip bubbly. life is meant to be lived fully. how will you make that happen?

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Anonymous said...

I agree - love the synergies on twitter and between bloggers. It's like another family :)

Sarah said...

Hey Kimberly! Thanks for all you do! Your blog has inspired me in many ways, including starting my own blog:

Btw, I love Louis' scarf! I have a feline counterpart photo from this past winter:

Anonymous said...


Have really enjoyed your blog recommendations. Mine is Have a great weekend. We've finally got great weather in Chicago and friends are in for Blues Festival and Old Town Art Fair. So, I'm going to listen to music and try to find a fantastic piece for my new pad!

Sallie Ann

Anonymous said...

For some reason I can't get this to post...user error! Anyway, I think this is a great idea. I've loved many of the blogs you've recommended and am now addicted. Mine is

The weather in Chicago is finally fantastic, so off to the Blues Festival tonight and Old Town Art Fair tomorrow with friends. Love anything outside when it's warm!

Have a great weekend,

Sallie Ann

Naturally Jules said...

Please oh please tell me that you'll be video taping the Planner Pad extravaganza tomorrow! I've had mine for a year, and honestly, it's not very inspiring.

Please sneek over to my little blog: I started it during last years creativity circle! A new creative outlet and I'm really enjoying it, in fact it has been a catalist for many new friendships!

The Depressed Yogi said...

Darling Kimberly - Merci for helping us create such a wonderful blog/twitter community! So many of my lovely virtual friends have found moi via your blog. We've created an incredible support group! :)

And to share - my blog can be found at - Can't wait to "meet" more of you!


Unknown said...

stop by let me know if you like it!

Unknown said...

Kimberly - This is another Twitter feed. I just started @dcdogevents and put in a plug for next year's doga. Love that you plan ahead!

Lauren said...

Oh, this is so fun! I came across Carolyn's blog via this one awhile back.

My blog is:

It'd be great to get more readers and also see what all of you are writing about!


Sara Avant Stover said...

thanks so much for all of your inspiring posts and tweets. i agree that it is wonderful to feel a connection with other women, even when you have never actually "met"!

i am on twitter at @wayofhappywoman

and my blog is:


MODERN Prairie Girl said...

Happy b-day month, you fab tranquilist muse, you. So grateful for all that I've learned from you.

Ayşegül Taştaban Erzincanoğlu/ Behçet said...

I found wish studio thru your blog and love it since then. My blog in English is
PS: One day I hope you will come to this part of the world to do retreats. I love the views from Costa Rica..

Lucy said...

Love the suggestions for decadence!

I think I found Carolyn and several other hip tranquil chicks through your blog. Y'all can visit me over at The Revising Life:

Ashley Goff said...

hi kimberly,

the outcome from the online creativity circle last june is this project i'm working on, manifesting itself in a blog:


Vienna said...

Hi Kimberley!

I'm writing from the U.K and only recently I've come accross your podcast and blog. They both are fantastic and trully inspirational. Thank you very much for these meaningful (and glamorous!) 'tranquil' spaces.

I am a Spanish teacher at the University of Nottingham and I am only starting to write a blog which intends to be a (free) CREATIVE WRITING workshop for people who has SPANISH as a second language or for those who are learning the language. The workshop will start next week. I'm really excited about it. This is my blog's link:

I also write another blog (again in Spanish):

Thanks again, Kimberley. And good luck with your application (I'm writing one myself...I know what you are going through...)

Un abrazo.

Leslie said...

Your blog is definitely one of my favorites. Thanks for all your inspiration! My blog is:


Caitlin said...

Excellent idea! As inspired by you and Carolyn, I have a blog up and running. It's full intent/purpose has yet to be determined, so for now it's mostly just documenting my Pittsburgh putzing. I hope Louis doesn't hold that against me (go pens!)

Unknown said...

I've been enjoying your blog & podcast for over a year. I started a blog from your inspiraion. My blog is & I am boonespie on twitter.thank you so much

Anonymous said...

finally dressed my "naked" planner pad today - the workshop was so much fun, thank you for organizing. i promise that my planner pad shall never be naked again.

i have some exciting new activity on the way on my blog: and on twitter @anaottman.

hope you had a decadent nap this afternoon!

Caitlin said...

there we go

Anonymous said...

Ooops, realizing that I should have posted my link to --

cant wait for the staycation next weekend :)

The Cooking Accountant said...

Kimberly, I love your blog! I am debating if I should purchase a planner pad now or wait for the 2010.

My blog is:

and I just joined twitter:

KK said...

We're all looking for more like-minded souls on our path, so this is a wonderful idea. But thanks for giving us the chance to toot our own horns a little in the process too!

I'm blogging about "living with effervescence and sparkle" while traveling the world to finish my Ph.D. at 'The Prosecco Life': And follow me on Twitter at TheProseccoLife!

Thanks for all the inspiration!

shannon said...

thanks for all your inspiration!

visit me at

Shannon said...

Hi there! I've been following you for over a year now, and your podcast and blog continue to inspire! I have loved the books and websites I've discovered from your recommendation.

I following you on twitter and would love it if you'd follow me @spagrl. My blog is soon-to-be launched so I'll keep you posted :)

Unknown said...

I just started a blog.... For the time being its private due to the fact that I am still looking for a job and cant have everybody in my corporate world knowing of my plans to move. "Urban Flip FLops: A city girls journey to meet the beach" Its been SO fun blogging even though its been a week. Email me at if you want to follow.

Anybody know of any wonderful yoga studios in the Southern Florida area? I will SO miss Tranquil Space and wish I could pack it up and bring it with me!

Mary said...

Love your blog Kimberly and thank you so much for this post idea! I look forward to looking up all the other blogs as well now. Mine is


Julia said...

This is such a great idea. I love it. I had fun on Saturday.

Beauty is a Lifestyle at All About the Pretty.
Facebook: Julia Coney (also become a fan of All About the Pretty)

chele said...

Always inspired by Tranquility du Jour! Looking forward to adding some new blogs to my daily reading and following some new faces on twitter!

Find me at:

Twitter: youandmeandlucy


Melita said...

i can't wait to dive into some of these blogs that i have yet to see. i follow a lot of the others already. thanks for helping out little community grow.

mine is:

Anonymous said...

former tranquil assistant. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimberly, it's Sarah from Florida, After two years love love love your blog and can't thank you enough for infusing more creativity into my life. Your musings make me want to be a better person and reach for the stars. I've discontinued my foragingisfun blog and starting a new one at it's brand new. Twitter address is msfabuless
XO Sarah from Florida

Live Life Laugh Lots said...


You have inspired me in so many ways! I can't even begin to tell you all the changes I have made in my life and how I view the world because of you and all the great people who i've found through you!

I just started my own blog here