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Sunday, June 14, 2009

sassy sunday

here's a snapshot of my weekend in pictures: saturday began with a remake of my planner pad at TranquiliT's planner pad extravaganza featuring joanna and julia. j'adore the quote on the cover "twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did." - mark twain. NOW, if that doesn't make you stop and think, i don't know what does. powerful quote. someone shared that with me during my later college years and it's been a motto for living life ever since. how apropos to find a sticker with it to put on my planner pad which organizes my life!

next was an impromptu viewing of dc's entertaining and inspiring gay pride parade. feeling sweaty and messy after leading teacher training, i sat on the studio stoop and watched the floats go by. attached is one of my favorites: fresh flower covered umbrella and float. during this unplanned extravaganza, i ran into a former retreat participant who was in town so we dined on bubbly and bruschetta and belly laughed into the wee hours. it was nice to be able to go with the flow for an evening.

today i returned to my beloved ashtanga sunday morning practice and was tres rusty. boo. even my teacher said, "it makes me sad to see you at half speed." gotta ramp it up, but wasn't feeling my strongest. c'est la vie. at the showroom and just finished hosting a bridal try-on session for the lovely all-in-one wrap. the ladies looked so chic in their noir dresses. was a treat. to top it off, picked up some fresh cut peonies so the showroom was extra fragrant! ooh la la.

now heading home to bask in some quiet time before an evening tranquil space foundation gathering. speaking of TSF, if you are interested in some decadent do-gooding, we have two chair positions open. please consider joining us!

fabulous podcast with the oh-so-talented amy butler coming tonight after a yummy home-cooked meal by beau.

BIG merci beaucoup for sharing your phenom blogs with each other. i'm blessed to see SO many talented readers/writers out there. xo

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