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Thursday, April 23, 2009

what i'm dreaming of . . .

camping under a starlit sky
taking a mini sabbatical
strolling the streets of paris
studying art
speaking french
leaving a legacy
retreating by the beach
owning a cozy b & b for yoginis
doing handstand
living in the country
snowstorm at the beach
driving along the west coastline in a convertible donning headscarf + big sunglasses
having a column in a fabulous glossy
simplifying down to only extravagant necessities
having a regular day off each week
starting a revolution
making an impact
exploring the amalfi coast
writing a best-seller
reading by a fire . . . for days, even weeks
feeling less pressure
hiking + car camping near monument valley
absorbing all reading material on my bookshelves via osmosis
understanding henry miller + anais nin's love affair
being a visionary leader
making others feel special
eating oodles of whole grains, greens, fruits, + veggies
having a lifestyle-focused talk show (think podcast on camera)
starting each day with meditation
having madonna's body
growing tranquil space foundation into a national (or global) organization
recording my 4th yoga CD to coincide with tranquil space's 10-year birthday bash in october
stopping puppy mills/mistreatment of all animals
enjoying the present moment
savoring more sacred time with friends
taking TranquiliT to a global green brand that helps women feel beautifully creative
roasting marshmallows over a campfire
cultivating an english garden
speaking with utmost clarity
living my yoga via thought, word, + action

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Caitlin said...

Get out of my head! Earlier I commented about my existential meltdown about not wanting to do what I'm going to school for. Anywho that B&B idea popped into my noggin whilst studying for a dreaded bio exam, I was wondering... "How can it be HTC all the time?" POOF there ya go! I appreciate your lists as they are full of awesome inspirations. Keep it up!
Ps: How can you even focus on today when you're going to PARIS!?

Self Help Goddess said...

Oooh Kimberly, these all sound fabulous! The cozy B&B for yoginis sounds especially fabulous to me:)

As far as making an impact, you've already made one on me so you can check that off your list! ;)

Going to send you an email with my Paris recommendations...

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kimberly! I love the yoga B&B. I'd visit monthly!! :)

Naturally Jules said...

What a fabulous list, and the b&b idea...fantastic! You are truly an amazing woman and a wonderful inspiration!

The Depressed Yogi said...

Darling Kimberly - you've successfully done so many of those things! I too would frequent your B&B. Oh and i think your body is way more rockin' than Madonna's :-)

Allison said...

Thanks for this wonderful list, Kimberly! We have many dreams in common, and your list has inspired me to get those creative juices flowing and create my own list. Brava!

kate said...

This is such a great idea and exercise for one's goals and aspirations. I've listed my goals on my blog with a link to you.
Thank you so much for all your inspiration. Finding simplicity and clarity in such a fast paced world is a huge challenge (one that I'd like to accomplish). Throw a kid and husband in there and whoa! It's a whirlwind!
Thanks Kimberly for your "oodles" of goodness!