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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

happy earth day

happy earth day. if you're free, come to tranquil space dupont for a chat on going green at 6pm on wednesday, april 22. take home a complimentary seedling.

in honor of this special day, TranquiliT is offering 15% off *all* online orders. plus, each order will be shipped in a complimentary eco-friendly reusable tote. code is EARTH. to help offset carbon emissions from shipping, we plant a tree for all online orders shipped.

GO GREEN: take shorter showers. bike to work. compost. eat less meat. carry a reusable water bottle. buy local. frequent libraries and second hand bookstores. buy in bulk. recycle your cell phone. make your own cleaning supplies. simplify. garden. plant herbs. wash in cold.

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Melita said...

happy earth day kimberly!!