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Thursday, March 12, 2009

girly, whimsical, inviting

i heart this ad campaign for a new fragrance called pretty. honestly, the ad could be promoting kitty litter and i would still be inspired. i found myself tearing it out of magazines to use for future collages and was sent a sample of the perfume that had this image attached. that's when it became my desktop.

somehow this image is so very magical. i'm not usually so drawn to images, especially random marketing campaigns, but i feel like elizabeth arden really captured something touching with this ad. maybe it's every little girl's dream (think dress up) or the fairy tale nature of it all? the antiquey couch, oodles of fresh flowers, tulle skirt, and gorgeous floral wallpaper beckon moi to day dream and stay awhile.

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Kristine said... I sense next spring's color pallet? Never too early (ok, sometimes itIS to early. :)

The Cooking Accountant said...

I absolutely loved that ad and tore it out of a magazine last week! I plan to sketch out the flowers in the background and add to my collection of sketches.

I would love the flowers to be embroidered on a tote or on the edge of a scarf. I just might have to learn to how to embroider!