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Friday, March 13, 2009

my home yoga practice

here's an insider look at my home yoga practice and why it tends to be challenging at times. that's sir louis on my mat eating promo materials for the farm sanctuary that he pulled off the refrigerator in a fury. i think he's jealous of my relationship with jd (our adopted pig) and travolta (our adopted cow).

here's a sampling of my favorite simple go-to home practice sequence:

start in down dog
inhale, down dog split with right leg
exhale right foot in between hands for a deep lunge, inhale hook thumbs and sweep arms to sky, 5 deep breaths
inhale release to lunge, exhale chaturanga, inhale up dog, exhale down dog
repeat left side
repeat 3-5 times on each side (add in prayer twist and ardha hanumanasana)
step back sun salutations
surya A 5 times
surya B 2 times add in triangle
seated forward fold
baddha konasana

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Elena Rego said...

Thanks for sharing this. I have become a bit bored with my home practice sequence and have begun getting yoga videos through netflix to check out other sequences and revitalize my yoga asana language. Checking out what others do at home is always a wonderful refresher!


Mary said...

Hehe, thanks for sharing this! I have two cats who like to do yoga under and around me too when I'm practicing at home. Sometimes they are just too cute, I fall in a heap of laughter and just start playing with them instead. Sir Louis is gorgeous and obviously wants your attention too LOL.

meecindy said...

thanks Kimberly so much for sharing this sequence. can't wait to give it a try.

Politics to Peaches said...

My pug does this too! He also likes to lick my face when he can - definitely challenging to practice this way! Thank you for sharing your home practice!