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Friday, February 27, 2009

today's indulgence

of course i got this faux-suede bag in noir, but isn't it darling? $9.99! a friend had this at the studio yesterday and i raved about it so she sent me the link. voila!

picked up some peacock blue, slate grey, and noir legwarmers plus a fabulous flower pin at H&M in ny on monday. $26 total. love being a frugalista! the flower pin has been a great addition to my winter hat and will be versatile for my hair or summer dress next season.

in this economy, it can feel good to indulge in a small or inexpensive accessory that can brighten up your everyday staples. it's also nice to recognize how little we truly need! although i've missed picking up soy candles, bath products, or earrings on a whim, it's refreshing to focus on the basics.

any great bargains or DIY frugalista ideas you'd like to share? do tell!

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Lynne from NY said...

Believe it or not, QVC has some good forums - the jewelry, fashion and beauty in particular.

Today I ran across this one, and thought of you when a gal mentioned a cheaper substitute for Lush bath bombs. For what it's worth: