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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

i heart santa

here are some photos of my beloved pug with santa and a snowman at bloomies this past weekend. washington humane society put this on as a fundraiser and it was such a treat. truly a highlight of my holiday! apparently i'm easily impressed . . .

what i want from santa this year:

a clean, clutter-free closet
world peace
a strong economy
the ability to sit still
less harming of animals
compassion-filled eating (choose organic gummy bears!)
more adopting of animals
daily creativity
a potbelly pig
time to write
more time with my 96-year-old gramma
less stuff
more trees
a fit physique (think madonna)
quality time with dear friends
opportunity for all
fluid jumpbacks and jumpthroughs (ashtanga yoga, bebe)
handstand (3rd year of trying)
a solid home yoga practice
impeccable time management
a cozy cabin in the woods
lots of peppermint candles
down time
bed days
an abundance of bookstore browsing
detox from e-mail
the ability to always make others feel special
tons of tea sipping

what's on your wish list?

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1 comment:

Lynne from NY said...

Adorable! Love when you share photos.

Your list is so thoughtful. Have a wonderful Christmas!