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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Creative Thursdays: Eco Gift Wrapping

Christmas is right around the corner! As you prepare for your gift giving, keep in mind the huge waste we produce on this day alone in wrapping and packaging. While wrapping paper and illustrated bags are a nice touch, unless you plan to reuse them next year they can be a burden on the environment.

One of my favorite ways to give gifts are in reusable bags. Our TranquiliT tote, made from organic cotton is a great option. There are many other great options out there now as well! Wrap the straps with recycled ribbon or hemp twine. You can even thread through name tags to make sure there is no confusion.

Remember, green wrapping is a gift in and of itself. Use the holidays not only to celebrate with your loved ones but to also remind them of the importance of living green.

Do you have any other green tips? Pass them along to me at

Happy Holidays!
~Christy, events designer

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