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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

what's your pleasure?

dearest blog readers,

bonjour from chilly new york. the 2:30am alarm came early and poor louis the pug was royally confused. however, we made it to new york, dropped luggage, parked car, day cared louis, and got to our 3-day workshop just in time. love it when that happens!

we're on a quick break so i wanted to reach out to ask your input. we just shared the 140th podcast (woo-hoo) and i'm excited to see what the next 140 episodes will hold. i want to do something special for the 150th (20 weeks to go) and would love any special requests. also, the main reason for this note is to hear what topics you're dying to hear more about. over the past 3+ years we have covered writing a book, going vegan, exploring macrobiotics, ayurveda, beading, oodles of yoga poses, aromatherapy, time management, greening, podcasting, spiritual activism, ethical leadership, travel, self-love, throwing a soiree, self-care, sewing, feminism, buddhism, creativity, make-up, living your yoga, and much, much more. what is your pleasure?

from last week's podcast comments it appears you crave some planner pad support. what else? feel free to note in the comments section or e-mail moi at there are so many fabulous topics to cover and i continue to search for the most applicable, inspiring, and interesting ones i can find! if you have something fabulous to share OR you have a suggestion on a must-have topic to cover or recover, do share.

in the interim, please continue to connect with our community through all these great outlets: forums, facebook group, and newsletter. i'm honored to have you in my life and look forward to continuing to serve you through tranquility du jour! xo

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Melita said...

A planner pad podcast would be excellent! I just ordered one per your recommendation. The pic of your planner pad from posts ago was so tiny I couldn't quite make out anything on the pages, just lots of color and completely full. I'm a newbie to the podcast/blog of all things hip and tranquil. I've been catching up on the podcasts while at work. I am loooving what I am seeing and hearing. Just finished your book (excellent) and downloaded your mp3s from amazon. Thanks so much for being you and doing what you do because you do it very, very well.


Ananda said...

Wow first for 140 shows. Amazing. Congratulations. The power of mantra chanting in our daily lives and how sound vibration can balance emotions and create calm in the body are my ideas. Enjoy Nueva York. Paz, Om Shanti. Ananda

Penny said...

Please may I have more of your journal writing and time management wisdom? I always enjoy those podcasts!

A few more ideas for you...

Memory Preservation and keepsakes

When your day goes WRONG!
How to cope when things you can't control get in your way.
Getting up when you've been got down.
When does a groove become a rut and how to get the groove back.

What is peace and how to achieve it?
Importance of friends - making, maintaining or saying goodbye if need be.
Tranquil Pets
Feng Shui

Yoga for mother and baby
Kids yoga
Aging and body change
Yoga for beginners
Meditation for beginners
Pain control

Balancing Life - health, work, relationships, fun, drudgery, spirituality and everything else!

Hope that helps a little...

Denise said...

I would one on Knitting, I want to learn how to and would be great to get some inspiration! Love your podcast..

Thanks so much for your podcast and blog!


Peak said...

Hi Kimberly,
Thank you for all you do and share!
Congratulations on podcast #140!!

requests: more info macrobiotics please, nutrition would be great and also a little more self love!!

thank you
from Christine in Vancouver

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Congratulation on the 140 shows! Looking forward to hearing your future podcasts...

Some ideas:-

Organisation skills - paper vs electronic planner systems (I seem to alternate and the grass is always greener!!!).

Acupuncture (and over alternative therapies). 21 week pregnant with IVF twins and had acupuncture during treatment. Had always been really cynical but am really fascinated by acupuncture now and would love to learn more....

Yoga in pregnancy/mother and baby (see above!).

Financial wisdom (particularly in the current climate).

Hope that you are having a fabulous time in NYC....


Lynne from NY said...

Some great ideas out there...
you'll have enough for Book #3!

But don't make us wait 20 weeks for a Planner Pad podcast! Can we hear about that/time management sooner?!?!?!

Luv all that you do!

ps) tell us about Madonna!!!!!

The Depressed Yogi said...

I agree! Time management and organization is a must, esp. now that I have a real full-time job.

Another one - Jealousy. It's a terrible ailment that afflicts many wonderful hip and tranquil women. I love the quote by Lululemon - "Jealousy works in the opposite way you want it to." I struggle a LOT with this daily.

Joselle said...

Congratulations on 140 episodes and being close to 150!

I second Penny's suggestion for a show on yoga and pain control. Specifically, I'd like to hear more about people with chronic pain and their experiences with yoga. I think there's a sense that you go to a class and you're all better or that your teacher can diagnose you. I've found, however, that the healing process is slow and meandering and you really need to do your research because some poses and styles of yoga can be downright dangerous for someone with chronic pain and other injuries.

Also, I'd love another interview with Sharon Gannon now that she has a new book on yoga and vegetarianism out. Her HTC interview is one of my favorite episodes.

Yoga and body image or body image in general.

More career topics, specifically how to manage career dissatisfaction.

Oh, and an interview with Samara O'Shea. She's written books about letter-writing and journaling.

Thanks so much. I look forward to hearing what's coming next on the podcast!

Miracle said...

I would love to hear you interview Amanda Moxley.. She is a yoga instructor and into holistic health.. I think there is a wealth of knowledge in this woman and I would love to hear some of her wisdom in your podcast . You can see what she talk about at:

I would also love to hear a podcast about which postures are best for which condition
ie.. headaches, cramps, depression, calming anxiety, waking up your body, etc.

Other topics that I think would be great:
Yummy, healthy food recipes (organic) or maybe something about the staples to have in the kitchen etc..

the importance of connecting with others

the importance of giving back to your community (even in small ways)

renewed attitude, etc....

I love you podcasts! Thank you for contributing them! :)

Sophia said...

Congratulations to your 140th!

I.d love to learn more about the different styles of yoga, maybe through interviews with known teachers.
I did a lot of Kundalini yoga this year and started with a DVD by Maya Fiennes. She.s lovely. Maybe you could interview her?

Greetings from Germany,

Kristine said...

I posted a couple ideas back in the previous episodes comments, but I'll note them again along with some more.

hip hop yoga
planner pad
healthy fast (and easy) food
Anusara yoga
maya fiennes interview
sadie nardinie interview (book & yoga)
How to be your own boyfriend (I've heard people talk about how they became to themselves the boyfriend they could never find-interesting subject for those of us without an SO)

Unknown said...


I would love a podcast on balance and moderation, esp. with regard to food and alcohol.

I think that the "What to do when your day goes wrong" idea is also a very good one.

And more on how to infuse all of our relationships (esp. with partner, friends, and family) with tranquility.


Penny said...

I've thought of a couple more topics I would be interested in Kimberley.

Eco-friendly fabrics
Reducing your footprint on the Earth
Green housekeeping
Natural beauty and health care
Women's Health (dietary suppliments, alternative sanitary options, yoga to relieve cramping/pms etc)
Massage Therapies
Expanding your horizons, being innovative and stretching the comfort zone.

Take care

Penny - again!