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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

gearing up for new york

tonight beau, pug, and moi will head to new york around 3am. since i teach until 9:30pm, this allows us to slumber a few hours and then head straight up to our 9am session. three days of mind body university (training for our yoga studio software) and louis the pugs gets to play with other pups at a nearby daycare in chelsea. basically a win-win for the whole family! while there for a whirlwind three days we get to dash down to philly to see madonna on thursday night. super-duper excited. totally admire that woman and always head home post-concert to do tons o' chaturangas. those arms! got all packed before heading to the studio for the day and look forward to a few unadulterated zzzzs before hitting the road bright and early with a snoring pug in tow.

boston readers: cool green event tonight featuring TranquiliT and other fab green designs

dc readers: yogi appreciation week at tranquil space november 20-27 - save 10% off class passes and boutique shopping. THIS saturday i'll be leading a workshop in the TranquiliT showroom on taking your craft to a business. join moi if you can! all others, read craft, inc. it's fab!

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