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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

in the woods

we're here . . . but without wifi! the cabin we so carefully chose based on the ability to stay connected is not blessing us with a wireless signal so we have to head to a nearby lodge to gain access (when it is willing). god bless surprises! either way it's a delight to be in the country. fresh air, fires, oodles of writing (TOC and intro in good shape), reading, hiking (just saw a sign to avoid the area we were in yesterday due to hunting season . . . yikes!), setting 5-year goals (based on a new book i've come across - may share in this week's podcast) and enjoying the state of being. true delight, even without connection to the outside world.

when i was able to get online, i was informed of a piece that just came out noting my entrepreneurial leap. i hope that it serves as a dose of inspiration for launching your dreams! we're focusing on the notion of taking a leap of faith as our theme at the studio this month (to match the pose hanumanasana). take a moment to pause. this season beckons us to reflect. where are you wanting to take a leap of faith? what is holding you back? what small step can you take tonight (ok, after the debate if you wish) to move in that direction? do tell!

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Leslie said...

Just wanted to ask you to check out my blog if you are interested in seeing the award I gave you!

Thanks for all you do,


Miracle said...

I am discovering more and more as time goes on that *I* am what is holding me back. So starting now, to move forward, I am going to meditate on what exactly in me keeps myself held back. I need a leap!

Asset gatherer said...

Hi Kimberly!
A friend of mine owns an amazing home in the mountains that he rents out. It's only an hour outside of DC; it's amazing that you don't have to go too far out of DC to feel a million miles away from everything! The place has reliable internet access and all the activities you mentioned you're doing. In addition-- wine tasting down the road and horse back riding! It's a treat to visit. His website: