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Thursday, October 09, 2008

i heart eileen fisher

today i left the woods and traveled to a ritz carlton in virgina for a 2-hour luncheon featuring eileen fisher. she's an inspiration of mine as she's mindful, donates money to great causes, has a rockin' business that helps women feel and look great, has a wellness program that she offers her employees (wow!), was woman of the year at ms. magazine, and starts her day with 30 minutes of meditation. overall, a pretty darn impressive woman!

she shared a great video with us that i wanted to share: the girl effect. a great reminder that one small act can make a BIG difference.

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Ananda said...

i also heart eileen fisher. i discovered her clothing in zawadi, a store on u street in 1993. i have been wearing her clothing ever since. a few years ago, i saw eileen speak at the sacred circles conference at the washington national cathedral. her authentic spirit shined through her words. what a down-to-earth woman. i am happy that you were able to see her.