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Sunday, September 21, 2008

simple ways to make a difference

support local farmers and designers
carry a reusable shopping tote
think before you print
forgo dry cleaning
pay bills online
get statements online
put back unused napkins, creamers, ketchups, sugar packets
use cloth napkins
get lucky: surround yourself with bamboo stalks
better yet, live in bamboo clothing
wash clothes in cold
carpool or bike
donate used books
host a clothing swap
buy a starter kit for change
shop secondhand stores
wrap gifts in magazine print
build with salvaged wood
lessen your meat consumption
choose sustainable products
take the stairs
try a "buy nothing" day or week
donate time or money to charity
make your own cleaning product (see hip tranquil chick p. 155)
adopt a farm animal
live your values
make scrap paper from used paper
mend your socks
cut up old tees or sweaters to make arm and leg warmers, headbands, or scarves
leave a legacy

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