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Monday, September 22, 2008

happy fall!

it's that time of the year - falling leaves, knit caps, tall boots and warm fires. personally, it is my absolute favorite time! nature begins to shed its leaves and i, too, look forward to turning inward.

this weekend i savored saturday night in complete with organizing the oodles of products in my bathroom coupled with the heaps of paperwork and must-haves in my armoire and desk area. organizing always helps me feel more in control of what is happening around me. god bless shoe boxes wrapped in gift wrap, photo boxes, and containers from ikea as they ensure i keep all my complimentary pens, journals, business cards, notecards, photos, aromatherapy oils, etc. in the perfect place. here are a few tips to help you get your organizing on:

1. carve out 1-5 hours of uninterrupted time (depending on the size of your project)
2. put on fun tunes (i was playing french and big band tunes much to beau's dismay)
3. light candles and incense
4. start with a small space such as the top of your desk, your bathroom shelves, a sock drawer
5. evaluate what is necessary to keep, what needs to be opened and used (found lots of soap samples that simply needed to make their way into my tub), what needs to be placed with other like-minded items (ex. blank journals all in one basket ready to be used when i finish my current one), what needs to be donated or placed elsewhere
6. if you still have momentum, keep going. if not, schedule more time to finish another area.
7. voila. relish in your newly organized state!

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Unknown said...

Hi Kimberly! I couldn't agree with you more. Fall is my favorite, and I am totally in organizing/cleaning mode too. :) Thanks for the tips!

GoKittenGo said...

Fall's my fave season as well - and this post provided just the right encouraging nudge at just the right time. Thank you!

Sarah Hough said...

Yay for getting out the boots!!!