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Thursday, April 24, 2008

a gnat flew into my lipgloss!

this week has been somewhat comical (if you're sadistic) as beau was sick, i've contracted some annoying virus, and we're gearing up for the a very high-energy week as we move our current studio to our new one. after sleeping almost 12 hours, i woke up feeling horrible but had to rally for an 11am meeting downtown. as i'm hailing a cab, a gnat flies onto my lip and gets stuck in my lipgloss. i had to laugh (after i removed the little booger).

sometimes life throws such interesting curve balls our way and i always try to remember that we're never dealt more than we can handle. it's hard to believe as i look around my tiny home filled with black animal hair, loads of boxes, bins of inventory, and heaps of kapok filling for the tea lounge pillows. ah, thank goodness i have a sense of humor! mama wilson (as she's lovingly known to my friends) is heading to in next week to drop off the meditation pillows and bolsters she's been sewing away in oklahoma for the past month. rather than shipping them, she's driving them in in her mini van and will be staying with beau, louis (pug), matisse (cat), bonnard (cat) and moi for a few days! should be an interesting next week or two! i'm looking forward to having the extra set of loving hands around.

in light of today's antics, i just had to share this DARLING photo of hip tranquil chick carolyn's new pup lola in her tranquil space tee. can you stand it?

also, check out tranquil space's mention in the washiongtonian.

finally, i promise to get back on the podcasting bandwagon once we get through this move. save the date for our grand opening soiree on saturday, may 17 6-9pm. you are ALL invited! xo

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Anonymous said...

Kimberly, You are a major inspiration to me! Because of you, I have learned that a little bit of organization (not the restrictive kind) not only keeps me on task, but actually OPENS UP time in my life that I didn't realize was there AND I get way more done. You have taught me about self-empowerment, believing in the power of dreams, and that we don't all have to be "specialists" in this automated world but can love the gift of many gifts! Congratulations on the new studio; I can't wait for pictures. Namaste!

The Depressed Yogi said...

yay!! Lola hearts Tranquil Space and can't WAIT to meet Louis ;-)

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Isn't it always the way - big event and the viruses arrive. Hope that you are both feeling better soon....

Laura Kuah said...

can't wait for the opening of tranquil space dupont's new studio! this is so exciting, to see your dream(s) give way to change (for the better!). best of luck during this crazy time of transition, and hope to see you at the opening!!! :D