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Friday, April 25, 2008

the calm before the storm

the next few days are unscheduled except for studio move preparation so i feel like a kid in a candy store. i'm organizing paperwork that arrived last week, filing new insurance policies, tearing out new studio must-haves from catalogs, finalizing fall samples, and cutting checks. it feels oddly comforting to be pulling so much together before next week's exciting storm.

went to the doctor today and was told my "virus" is allergies. allergies??!! i've never had allergies feel like this but hey, i'm not a doctor so i took his meds and word for it. supposed to feel 90% better by monday he promises. who would have known that allergies could make your whole body ache. hmmmm.

we passed our building inspection today. HUGE hooray. only one more to go on monday so keep your pinkies crossed. it's funny to think that my whole world will be changing within a week. i mean, i've walked to p street now for five years, i've been working out of my home most of the past few years, and now i'll be walking, practicing, and teaching on 17th street, along with moving into my own tiny office in that space. we hired two new amazing managers who started this week and have been a welcomed addition to our lovely tranquiliteam.

although my body aches and my face feels full of air pressure (darn sinuses), i'm loving gearing up for the journey ahead. mama sent photos of her mini van packed full of bolsters and meditation cushions. she hopes to find space for her suitcase. details, details . . .

last night i spoke at an event promoting the book life entrepreneurs. the author interviewed me and warren brown of cake love who is also featured in the book. it was fun to share stories about our journeys and to be reminded of our very humble beginnings. i always like to remind people that if i've built a business, anyone can. i have no business training, only a lot of tenacity, passion, and dedication to the cause. remember, it's all about putting one step in front of the other every single day. for every two steps forward, there is going to be one step back. keep your chin up, take deep breaths, drink oodles of h2o, do your yoga, read up on your topic of interest, and watch the world unfold for you. you deserve it!

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The Depressed Yogi said...

Isn't it insane how awful allergies can make you feel?? Austin's the worst...

On a more positive note, i'm *SO* excited for your move!! I can't wait to see pics of the new studio and more importantly, can't wait to come visit. Be sure to post pics of your new office!!

Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Kimberly, congratulations on keeping the faith in your dream and working hard to make it come true, day in and day out. You are an inspiration! So glad your mom can be there to share all of this with you!

Enjoy and cheers!
Gayle in Manhattan