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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

washingtonian + 17th street

as you'll see in this photo, louis is quite the celebrity. of all the pups at the champagne and sugar humane society event, he was the featured one in march's issue of the washingtonian. his tongue is in full bloom as he was eagerly picking up all crumbs within reach that evening.

finishing up the tranquil space newsletter to go out tomorrow and packing up for oklahoma. i'm off to see the family thursday - monday and my 95-year-old gramma keeps e-mailing me as a reminder to not forget my swimsuit. her assisted living center has a heated pool and apparently we'll all be partaking! her assisted living center also has wifi so i plan to keep in touch while also checking out a butterfly garden, winery, and, of course, tarjay while in wichita falls, texas with her and mum.

wanna see the new digs? check out our youtube page for beau's fancy cinematography skills!

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monique said...

have a great trip! congrats on the new space!! it looks like it's going to be fabulous...great cinematography! ;)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of WIFI... how is your new Macbook Air? Didn't you tell us you just got one?