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Saturday, March 01, 2008

don't mess with texas

greetings from a bookstore in texas. gramma's wifi was giving me fits so my online time has been quite limited. probably a good thing. when i arrived on thursday, mama (a blog reader) decided she would test my book-buying moratorium by taking me to a borders AND barnes and noble in oklahoma city. i came out clean but VERY tempted. they bought at each store. as we returned to their home in the country, i looked around at the walls of books and realized where my "disease" came from. mama confessed that she had 62 boxes in the garage of her teaching books that she wanted to sell. 62 boxes! this is in addition to the oodles of books that fill their home. hmmmm, i think i'm on to something.

thursday night/friday morning i read suze orman's latest book women and money. i recommend it as there was a great offer on putting $50 monthly into an ameritrade account and then getting $100 after a year - something like that! a good reminder on the importance of setting money aside. she recommends having 8 months of living expenses set aside in case of an emergency! since i started the studio, i haven't had a personal savings account so this was a good reminder to set one up in addition to my annual retirement savings - which feels soooo far away.

down to texas on friday to see gramma and it's been non-stop since then (except for my numerous naps). she's a hoot! today we hit the "butterfly garden" which had 3 live butterflies and a bunch of fake animals to show what lives in the great plains???? the real animals were in a few small aquariums. gramma was entertained and that's what matters. then off to a texas winery - yep, you read that right - and did a tasting. the muscat was FABULOUS! bought a bottle although i can't really drink anymore. gives me a headache or makes me tired. think i'm officially old! ;)

it's been a joy to slow down. you kinda have to when you're holding your 95-year-old gramma's hand! i've made some interesting observations that i look forward to sharing when mamma and gramma aren't staring at me. they're ready to go home and start our night of scrapbooking! until then, i hope you have a moment to slow down and relish in life's trivial pleasures.

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Ange said...

Hey Kimberley!
First off - thanks for being such a blessing, I get so excited when I see your weekly podcast is ready to download!!
I have a request~ is there anyway you could post a link with all the great songs you feature at the end of each podcast?
Keep up the great job,

Anonymous said...

If you check out the Au Revoir section of every episode's shownotes, there's a link to the artist's website there. At some point in the near future, I'll compile a master list of the artists as well. Support these artists... they make great music!

Anonymous said...

I agree, it is awesome music - thank for introducing it to us!