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Saturday, February 23, 2008

up dogs

here's louis captured in up dog while i'm in up dog. lil' bugger does not like me practicing without giving him full attention in the process. by nipping my nose when i come from chaturanga to up dog, he's SURE to get attention.

we're babysitting a 4-month-old basset hound at the moment and it is anything but tranquil in our humble (oh-so-tiny) pink palace. with two pups, two kitties, and a beau, the days have been exciting (and the mornings VERY early!).

today's seminar on mindfulness at work was good. still processing it but i did take some insightful notes:

  • we're always trying to get "there" and when we get "there," we realize we wish we were someone else (skinnier, smarter, more compassionate, etc.)
  • the point is not to solve work but to become completely honest about work.
  • mindfulness is simply training the mind to come back
  • if you know where you are going but don't know where you are, you are already lost.
  • our role is to inspire the best in others.
  • mindfulness is about what happens "off the cushion." (sound familiar to our use of "off the mat?")
get ready for gettin' succulent with SARK on tomorrow's podcast. in the interim, enjoy this dose of creative flair.

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Anonymous said...

Louie certianly does make me smile!

Politics to Peaches said...

I have the same problem with my pug, Jackson! It's hard to focus on my yoga practice while laughing at him!