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Friday, February 22, 2008

freaky friday

remember that movie from years ago? i didn't really have a freaky friday, i just like the title!

volunteered today at the assisted living center that i visit monthly and we did our chair yoga. always a fun way to start the day. then i hit politics and prose (bookstore + coffeehouse) since i've never been there. truly blasphemous as it is a dc staple! didn't buy a thing - very proud of myself. the book moratorium continues.

we were supposed to get this massive storm today so i canceled my travel plans to see two dear friends nearby. we started a business group years ago and like to meet periodically to support and share. since we canceled last minute due to the impending weather concerns, i was left with 4 unplanned hours! a TOTAL treat. unfortunately, i got caught up with the usual to-dos and didn't take full advantage of the nap and reading time i was craving (and SO needing these days!). why i wonder? . . .

tonight i hit yoga and chuck shared a great story about monkeys. apparently they are trapped by people who put a nut in a gourd with food around it. when the monkeys try to grab the nut, their hand gets stuck and they get caught. if they release the nut, they can remove their hand and continue swinging in the jungle. a beautiful reminder to LET GO!

afterwards i went to hear michael carroll speak about mindful leadership. i'm looking forward to my all-day workshop with him tomorrow. starts at 9am so i'm heading to bed early.

hope you had a delightful week. ponder that monkey story and ask yourself, "what do i need to let go of?" i came up with a few things when he was reading it! 'night!

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Anonymous said...

Please share details about your workshop - sounds great!
Maybe a podcast also??
I am into anything regarding leadership lately. I have many books that you have recommended and need to read those before buying more, so I understand what you are going through. It does feel good to sit and read instead of being out buying...........
Have a great weekend!

Pink Heels said...

Politics & Prose along with yoga at Tranquil Space were my two drugs of choice while I was living in D.C. Unfortunately, I lived one block from P & P which meant weekly, sometimes bi-weekly, trips inside. It also didn't help that as I would leave TS, I would have to stop into Kramerbooks and Afterwords. What is it about yoga and bookstores that I just can't get enough of??? Help!!! Is there a support group out there for this form of addiction? : )